From time-to-time, students may act disruptively in the forums or post something inappropriate. Teachers can rest assured as there is no need to worry about monitoring the forums for student activity themselves - the Edhesive team is on the job! We moderate the forums for you and will inform you of any issues with your students. Our team of TAs and the Edhesive support team moderate all of the Edhesive forums and will reach out promptly to teachers about any inappropriate posts made in the forums by their students.

Email Notifications and Anonymous Posts

If you receive an email notification stating that "A student has posted...", this means that the student has posted anonymously. This is the reason their name is hidden in the notification. However, our internal staff can still see who is posting and, therefore, will always know who is creating the posts so we can keep teachers informed of any issues.

If our staff has then made the post private in the time since the notification was sent (per the process in the next section) and you click on the link in the email after this has happened, you will not be able to see the post. This has caused a little confusion so we wanted to clarify that first before the next section.

How Edhesive Informs Teachers of Student Misbehavior

The process that is followed when students do not follow the forum guidelines is below.

1. The post is made private so as not to continue to be disruptive

2. Edhesive responds to remind the student of the forum guidelines

3. Depending on the severity of the post and the student response, the student's account may be deleted from the forum to stop further disruption to other students.

  • If this has to be done, in order for the student to not be able to immediately create another account, our support staff then hides the student forum link in their course.

4. Edhesive support staff then emails the student's teacher to inform them that the student forum link had to be hidden in their course and that we are happy to add it back at the teacher's discretion.

  • We also let them know that other students can continue to access the forums for help by logging into directly.
  • Screenshots and/or copies of the email notifications from the posts (mentioned in the earlier section of this article) are included in the email to the teacher.

This process allows the teacher to speak with the student without the risk of further posts being made in the meantime, and still allowing the rest of their students access to the forums. Oftentimes, teachers let us know after a few days that they have spoken with the student and we can add the link back to the course. We rarely see continued issues after this.

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