Students must enter an email address and receive a verification code at that email address in order to use the forums. If your students are unable to use a school or personal email address for creating their account, there is a way that Edhesive staff can manually register your students by using a version, or alias, of the teacher's email address. In this method:

  1. Edhesive will manually add students to the forum using an alias of the teacher's email address
  2. Teachers are emailed unique enrollment links for each student
  3. Teachers will provide the students with their unique enrollment link
  4. Students will navigate to this link and complete their account setup
  5. Any password reset emails for the forums will be received by teachers

Note: Due to a known issue with the integrated course tool for the forums that is actively being worked on, the students being registered this way will need to sign into the forums directly from after creating their account. They will not be able to use the forum LTI tool in their course for the time being until this is resolved.

Verify Ability to Receive Alias Emails

This type of email address will work with most email providers, but not all, so it is best to test first to see if you can receive these types of emails.

To test if you can receive alias emails, send an email to yourself with +test added before the @ symbol in your email address. For example, if your email address is, then you will send an email to If you successfully receive this test email, the Edhesive team can manually enroll your students in the forums using an email address that is an alias of your own.

Get Your Students Enrolled in the Forums

1. Send an email to to let the support team know you wish to enroll your students in the student forums using an alias email address

2. The Edhesive team will add your students by adding their username to the email address on file for you.

  • Using the previous example, if a student's Edhesive username is janecodes123 then the student will be registered in the forums using the email address

3. Teachers will receive an email in their own inbox for each student's alias email address. Each email contains an enrollment link that is unique to the student.

4. Provide the students with this enrollment link and have them navigate to the link.

5. Students will see the following page. They will need to fill in the fields as shown below, including the two checkboxes, and click "Continue".

6. When prompted on the next screen, students should click the "Don't join the network" button.

  • Note: This option is made for college students who will be joining the workforce after graduating with their degree. If they click the wrong button, that is okay, we just don't recommend joining the network.

7. Finally, make sure that your students edit their email notifications (see instructions here) to not receive any emails. Otherwise, you will receive email notifications from the forums for all of your students. We suggest doing this step together in class to make sure it is completed. Alternatively, you could set up an email filter to automatically archive or trash emails sent to the specific alias email addresses (or emails not sent to your regular email address).

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