With an AWS Educate starter account, students can:

  • Learn about cloud computing technologies, which drive innovation in fields such as AI, voice and facial recognition, gaming, medical advancements, and more.

  • Earn prestigious badges and certificates through engaging activities and simulations that focus on real-world applications similar to those used by businesses around the world.

  • Build a portfolio that showcases your knowledge, skills, and experiences with computer science and cloud computing.

  • Receive $75 in AWS Promotional Credit in an AWS Educate Starter Account that can be used on AWS computing tools and cloud services. (Note: This is more than you receive with the standard starter account!)

  • Have opportunities to earn college tuition scholarships or Amazon internships.

There are some activities throughout Edhesive’s coursework that require access to AWS Educate. Students (and teachers) should create their AWS Educate account as early in the school year as possible in order to ensure that they can complete projects throughout the course.

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