AWS Educate Badges

There are three cloud badges available through AWS Educate that work at three different levels of knowledge, with the Explorer badge being the basic starter badge, and the Builder badge being the most advanced.

Each badge consists of about 10 modules which take about 15 minutes each to complete. This makes it about 2-3 hours to complete each badge, give or take depending on student reading and comprehension speed. 

Cloud Explorer Badge

The basic starter badge, the Cloud Explorer Badge modules are recommended for those who have little to no prior knowledge of computer science. This badge explores concepts like algorithms, programming, and cybersecurity through real-world examples.

Cloud Inventor Badge

The Cloud Inventor Badge dives a little deeper and is recommended for those who have some prior knowledge of computer science. Students will expand their knowledge with more in-depth challenges on the explorer topics and learn how to use technology to invent the future.

Cloud Builder Badge

The most advanced badge, the Cloud Builder Badge is recommended for AP-level students with a good deal of prior knowledge in computer science topics. For this badge, they will learn about the AWS console, services, and start building in the cloud.

AWS Educate Cloud Career Pathways

For very advanced students, there are Cloud Career Pathways which are different from the badges. These pathways are advanced learning modules that were designed for college students who are getting ready to step into entry-level positions in the cloud industry.

These pathways contain each 30+ hours of content each and help the student understand many of the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to interview successfully for those roles and then be successful when they start in the job.

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