Self-Reporting Edhesive through the UC A-G Portal

As of Spring 2020, UC A-G's procedure for adding online courses has changed. Schools now need to self-report Edhesive courses by following the instructions below. These instructions can also be found in the UC A-G Policy Resource Guide under "Adding new courses" by scrolling to the section titled "Adding online publisher courses to schools' A-G course lists."

  1. Click Add a New Course and select “Self-report an online publisher course.”

  2. Begin typing "Edhesive" into the Online Publisher box and select Edhesive from the dropdown list when available, then click "Next."

  3. Under Course Title, select the appropriate course(s) from the dropdown menu, click next, then click 'Yes, Autofilll course details.' (If you need a reference, click the button above for Edhesive's listing.)

  4. Under Course Details, review and edit any course details, then click "Next".

  5. Under Additional Information, ensure that the school and year sections are correct.

  6. Under Additional Information, click "School" under "Who is providing the Instructor?", then click "Next."

  7. Sign, certify, and submit to finish the process.

You can also follow the steps outlined in this video. Please note that this video references a different curriculum and subject. If you run into any issues with the process or have additional questions, please reach out to the UC A-G team at

Note: the process of self reporting courses by online publishers is new for the 2020-21 school year. In previous years, online publishers submitted their own courses for approval within certain distinctions. Edhesive has reported its courses and gotten approval in the following distinctions:

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