Match up the numbers on the image below with the info below the image to learn the basic layout of the Teacher and Student Forums.

  1. New Post Button: Click "New Post" to create a post.
  2. Search: Use this area to search the forums.
  3. Pinned Posts: These are important posts that have been pinned by Edhesive staff so that they are easily accessible at all times. Check here for FAQs and important updates.
  4. Filters: Filter your view to show, for example, only posts you haven't read yet. You can also mark all posts as read here.
  5. Q&A: Click here to get back to the main forum page.
  6. Posts: All posts, except pinned posts, will show here grouped by the week that they were originally created. You can click on the arrow to expand or collapse each week.
  7. Settings: Click the gear icon to open your forum account settings.
  8. Post History: Slide the dot along the bar to see the history of the post currently displayed.
  9. Favorite: Click the star to add the post to your favorites for easy future access.
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