Edhesive's forum is super easy to use! You can find specific instructions for creating posts below.

Creating a Post

Match the numbers on the image below with the steps below the image.

  1. First, pick the type of post you need to make. Explanations for when to pick each type are included underneath each choice.
  2. Choose to post to the whole class ("Entire Class") or to create a private post that only Edhesive staff can see ("Instructor(s)"). If you wish to post to the whole class but without displaying your name (Edhesive staff can still see your name), see step #6.
  3. Select the most applicable category folder.
  4. Add a summary to title the post.
  5. Fill in the body of the post. Note the arrow points out where you can click on the code block to display a preformatted block that you can copy and paste code into so that it retains the proper syntax and formatting.
  6. Choose to post with your name displayed to all users ("[Your Name]") or to hide your name from all but Edhesive staff ("Anonymous to Classmates").
  7. Click to see what your post will look like before posting.

When done, click the orange button to create your post.

Additional Notes

  • Teachers are enrolled in the forums under a "student" role so that Edhesive staff can answer their questions.
  • Students have the ability to edit other students' notes, questions and answers. This setting cannot able to be changed.
  • You can attach files, insert images, insert tables, and more. Browse through the menu above the body of the post to see all of your options.
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