After setting up your forum account, you will want to edit your account's email notifications and profile. These instructions apply to your students' accounts as well if they wish to edit theirs.

Update Your Forum Profile

Navigate to the Account/Email Settings screen by clicking the gear icon in the top right-hand corner as shown in the image below. In the first section, you can:

  • Update your display name
  • Add a profile picture by clicking “Change Picture”
  • Change your forum email address
  • Change your forum password

After making any changes, click "Save Profile" to save the changes.

Update Your Forum Email Notifications

Next, scroll down to the "Class & Email Settings" section. Before editing your settings, consider how often you would like to be notified via email about: 

  • NEW questions or notes: Many Edhesive teachers prefer to receive a daily digest of all new posts as opposed to the real time or more frequent smart digest options.
  • Updates to questions or notes you follow: You will automatically be a "follower" for any post you create or respond to, so keep this in mind. Most Edhesive teachers like to get real time notifications about new comments on posts they are following due to this.

This area is also where you can override the default if you would prefer to automatically follow every question and note that anyone creates in a particular forum.

Now you're ready to update your email notification settings.

1. Under the "Class & Email Settings" header, click "Edit Email Notifications" for the particular class.

2. Select your preferred settings for new posts and for updates to posts you follow, then click "Save Settings".

More About the Options for Email Notifications

  • Real Time: receive an email notification immediately
  • No Emails: do not receive any email notifications, except when an instructor bypasses this setting
  • Daily Digest: receive a digest of new posts once a day
  • Smart Digest: receive a digest of new posts at most every 1-6 hours

Note: If you disable your email notifications or drop a class, there may be one more email digest queued up to send. After that, you will not receive any more.

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