Your students will follow the same process as you did to set up your Teacher Forum account. The instructions below are slightly modified for students.

Before You Start

Please note that the forum tool used by Edhesive requires that students have an email address that can receive outside email in order to sign up for the forums. Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this email requirement as a verification code will need to be received by the email address entered.

If your students cannot use school or personal email addresses for the forums, please see this article on an alternative method by which they can enroll using an alias of your own email address.


If you have questions about the signup instructions, reach out to for help. If your student(s) do(es) not receive a verification code email, please reach out to

1. Have your students start by reading through the "Student Forum" and "Forum Communication Guidelines" in the introductory unit of their course before creating their accounts.

2. Then, they will click the button shown below on the "Student Forum" page to open a set of instructions for them to follow.

The document will open in a separate tab or window so that they can flip back-and-forth between the instructions and their course easily. You can also find that document by clicking the button below.

Don't forget to have your students set up their email notification settings by viewing this article.

Students Taking More Than One Edhesive Course

If they are taking more than one Edhesive course, they will need to click on the "Student Forum" link in each course, however, they will only need to complete their account setup the one time.

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