Before you start, please note that the forum tool used by Edhesive requires that users have an email address that can receive outside email in order to sign up for the forums. Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this.

1. Start by navigating to one of your Edhesive courses

2. Click on the "Teacher Forum" button on the left-hand side course navigation menu

  • If you are a returning teacher, you may be automatically signed into your existing forum account.

3. Confirm your enrollment by filling in your name, choosing a password, and checking the Terms of Use checkbox as shown below.

A couple of notes:

  • If you wish to remain anonymous on the forums, you may post anonymously or through private posts. This way, only Edhesive staff will see your name in order to provide you with help. For more info, see this article.
  • Your role will be listed as a student on this page. This is correct and is not changeable. In the Edhesive forums, the TA team and other Edhesive staff are the "teacher" roles since they are answering the questions, and the teachers and students using the curriculum are the "student" roles since they are asking the questions.

4. As indicated on the screen, you will then need to check your email for a verification code. Enter this verification code in the place indicated. If you do not receive the verification code email, please reach out to

5. On the next screen, under Academic Information, simply check the box for "I'm not pursuing a degree" instead of filling out any information in this section regarding a degree.

6. Click the "Continue" button.

7. When prompted on the next screen, click the "Don't join the network" button.

  • Note: This option is made for college students who will be joining the workforce after graduating with their degree. If you click the wrong button, that is okay, we just don't recommend joining the network.

You have successfully set up your forum account! Next, you will want to set up your email notification settings by viewing this article.

If you are teaching more than one course, you will need to click on the "Teacher Forum" link in each course, however, you will only need to complete your account setup the one time.

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