Introduction to the Edhesive Community

The Edhesive Community is comprised of both teacher and student forums, one for each Edhesive course offering*. These forums provide an ongoing support platform throughout the school year.

*Note: There is no student forum for Explorations in Coding since the majority of EIC students are under 13.

Edhesive's Teaching Assistants

Our forums are monitored 7 days a week by our team of Teaching Assistants. These are undergraduates and graduate students in STEM majors from across the country, hand-selected for interviews based on their honors-level GPAs and interest in teaching and tutoring. They are here to help teachers with questions about their course and to help students with their coursework.

The Edhesive Teacher Community

As a place where computer science educators can ask questions, share ideas, discuss instructional strategies, and even geek out over coding or algorithms, the Teacher Forums are a perfect affinity space for teachers. In fact, all Edhesive teachers from across the country have access to the Teacher Forum for their course(s), making it an unique assembly of talent and expertise in computer science education.

Finally, the Teacher Forums are a place where teachers can provide feedback about the curriculum. Edhesive creates and releases updates and resources throughout the year to address teachers' concerns, requests, and ideas.

The Edhesive Student Community

The TAs are there to help tutor students with their coursework in order to ensure their success in the class. Other students from across the country can also help answer each other's questions. Only teacher and students in Edhesive courses have access to the student forums, and we start a fresh student forum for the courses each year so that it only contains the current crop of students.

The Student forums are a place where students can get help with their coursework, and sometimes chat about STEM-related topics with other like-minded individuals who are taking the same course as them. In order to do this, part of the job of our TAs is to moderate the forums and make sure that all subject matters stay on-topic and relevant to the courses per the Forum Communication Guidelines listed in the introductory unit of your course, which are also posted at the top of the student forums.

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