You can view the course access report for an individual user in the People section of your course. The course access report shows a summary of user participation in your course. You can view the full specific report for a student by viewing student analytics.

To start, navigate to your course analytics. Then, follow the steps shown in the GIF below.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page for Student Analytics table
  2. Click on a student's name to open their analytics page
  3. Then, click on their name at the top of their individual analytics page to view the User Details page
  4. Select "Access Report" from the buttons on the far right-hand side.

View Access Report

The access report will show you:

  • The content the user has viewed [1].
  • The number of times the user viewed the content [2]. A view is counted each time a user navigates to the URL where the content resides or downloads an attachment.
  • The number of times the user participated (if applicable, such as posting to a discussion or submitting an assignment) [3].
  • The last time the user viewed the content [4].

To return to the User Details page, click the Back to User Page button [5].

View Course Navigation Content Icons

When the user clicks on links directly in Course Navigation and views an index page, icons display for the following links:

  • Course Home [1]
  • Grades [2]
  • Syllabus [3]
  • Outcomes [4]
  • Modules [5]

View Course Participation Content Icons

When a user navigates to course content areas from Course Navigation or views named course content, the following icons display in the access report:

  • Assignments [1]: displays next to graded and ungraded assignments. Participation is counted if the user submits an assignment.
  • Discussions [2]: displays next to discussions and announcements. Participation is counted if a user posts a reply. If the user accesses content from an announcement, such as an assignment, the Access Report displays a Discussion icon.
  • Quizzes [3]: displays next to quizzes. Participation is counted if a user starts a quiz, even if they do not submit any answers.
  • External Link [4]: displays next to external links and embedded tools such as the coding environments.
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