We are excited to share with you our Edhesive Teacher Onboarding series! This series of 25 short videos totaling 30 minutes will show you everything you need to get started with your Edhesive courses.

The videos are below, or you can click the button below to watch the series as a playlist where you can also find relevant articles from this Help Center in each video's description. We have also added the videos throughout this Help Center where applicable for easy access to all info in one place.

Welcome to Edhesive Teacher Onboarding (0:21)

Creating Your Edhesive Teacher Account (2:56)

Logging into Your Edhesive Account (0:33)

How to Enroll Students Using Section Tokens (0:35)

Enrolling Students with Email Access (2:54)

Enrolling Students without Email Access (2:21)

The Edhesive Landing Page: Course Dashboard (0:36)

How to Switch Between Courses (0:36)

Tour the Course Homepage (0:49)

Where to Find Teacher Resources (0:55)

Edhesive's Teacher Sidebar (1:00)

Where to Find Help: Overview (0:27)

Where to Find Help Tutorials: Help Center (0:50)

How to Use the Modules Page (2:16)

Using Requirements and Prerequisites (1:41)

How to Check Student Progress from "Modules" (1:07)

The Gradebook (3:21)

Using the Speedgrader (1:46)

Course Customization Features (1:01)

What is Editable in Your Courses (0:50)

Edit Assignment and Assessment Settings (0:55)

Want to Learn? About Edhesive PD (0:24)

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