Please note: this article refers to the 2019-20 version of this course. It will be retired on September 1, 2020.

If you encounter any issues with the Sandbox, please start by following the steps below to self-troubleshoot for the following categories:

  • Students locked from moving forward/grades not showing
  • Sandbox not loading
  • Next steps for all other issues

Troubleshooting: Students Locked from Moving Forward or Grades Not Showing in Gradebook

If your students have successfully submitted their work in the Sandbox and yet either they receive a message stating that the next course item is locked due to the requirement circled not being met, or their grade does not show in the gradebook right away, there is a simple solution.

All the student needs to do is to wait about 10 seconds after submitting their code and then refresh the page. A good rule of thumb is to ask students to wait a few seconds after they submit their work to click the "Next" button to move to the next course item.

For some background, this happens because the Sandbox tool adheres strictly to international LTI standards. These standards affect the speed at which, 1) the grade is entered in the gradebook, and 2) that the submission is recognized as "submitted" by the platform. You can tell that the grade is still in process by checking the submission details for the yellow alert box circled below.

Troubleshooting: Sandbox Not Loading

Step 1: Enable Cookies

The Sandbox is an integral part of Edhesive’s courses, and has been tested extensively for compatibility with our course. However, since the Sandbox is embedded in our site, your browser will respond to it as an external tool. If you are unable to load the Sandbox and receive an error message, we recommend updating your browser settings to allow for cookies to ensure that the Sandbox is able to load.

Please check the setting for your browser to ensure that cookies are allowed or enabled.

Once you’ve enabled cookies, please navigate back to your Edhesive course and reload the page to display the Sandbox.

Step 2: Double-check Whitelisting

To ensure that you and your students can access the Sandbox, please check with your IT team to ensure that the following domains are whitelisted:


Troubleshooting: Sandbox Submissions Not Showing Up In Speedgrader

Student work will only show up in the Speedgrader for submissions submitted on or after 12/9/2019. If you would like to see this view for previously submitted work, instruct your students to re-run and resubmit their code.

If work submitted after this date is not showing up in the Speedgrader, please contact 

Next Steps for All Other Issues

If you encounter any further issues with using the Sandbox after performing these steps, please take a screenshot that includes the Javascript console and send it to along with:

  • A brief description of the issue
  • The exact page the issue is happening on
  • The names or emails/usernames of the students that are experiencing the issue so our team can attempt to replicate the issue

The simplest way to access the Javascript console is to use the keyboard shortcut below for your operating system:

  • Windows: Control/Ctrl + Shift + J
  • Mac: Command/Cmd + Option + J
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