If you receive an "Error Authorizing Request" message when creating your AWS Educate account, it was most likely caused by trying to sign up by copying and pasting the signup link from the course. This causes an error due to missing information behind-the-scenes since the provided links are actually external tools containing this necessary info.

If you encounter this error, please try signing up again by clicking the dedicated links or button in the course and do not copy and paste the link into another window.

If you did click the links or button and still receive this error, please send a screenshot of the error to afe@edhesive.com and provide any additional information possible to help us troubleshoot for you. Some helpful information includes: 

  • What steps have you completed in the process?

  • What action(s) did you perform prior to receiving the error that can help us replicate issue?

  • Are you accessing the signup page on a school network or on an outside network?

  • What operating system and web browser are you using?

If you are able to troubleshoot on your own, try the following: 

  • Clear the cache and history in your web browser

  • Use a different web browser

  • If you are accessing the page on a school network, try to use a different network

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