If you feel your students will have trouble remembering their login, click here for a PDF template to print, cut out, and distribute to your students so they can write down their login credentials.

1. Make sure to have your section token(s) readily available so your students can enroll in your specific course(s). If you do not know where to find your section token(s), please see the following article: click here. If you do not see your section token(s) in these places or need additional help, please email support@edhesive.com.

2. Have your students navigate to the link in the button below:

3. After students fill in the required fields shown below, they will need to click the "Submit" button.

  • NOTE: We recommend that the "Password Recovery Email" be the teacher's email address. This is the email that a link to reset a password will be sent to in case it is needed.

4. Upon clicking on the confirmation link, they will be redirected to complete their sign-up by entering a section token. To enter more than one section token, click the "Enter another section token" link as many times as needed to show more entry fields.

Congratulations! Your students are now enrolled and ready to begin the course.


For an instructional document to distribute to your students, click here. This document contains specific step-by-step instructions on how to enroll without using an email address.

There is an optional field in the top right corner where you can fill in your section token (be sure to save the document to save the token) before distributing to students.

Video Tutorials

View the two short videos below from our Teacher Onboarding series to see how to enroll your students who do not have access to outside email. The first video talks about section tokens and the second one goes through the enrollment process.

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