The EIC course features several automatically graded items as well as several that will need to be evaluated by the teacher:


  • CFU (Check for Understandings)

  • Coding Explorations (Note: grade needs to be manually copied from Coding Dashboard into the Gradebook)

  • Module Tests


  • Classwork Assignments (i.e., discussions and writing tasks)

  • Coding Projects (rubric provided)

  • Coding Project Reflections

The system does not currently have the capability to transfer grades for Coding Explorations and Projects into the Gradebook. Teachers will need to check the Coding Dashboard to make sure that the work was completed (click here for a short demo video) and then manually enter the grade into the Gradebook.

Coding Explorations and Projects are organized into cohesive 'arcs' within the Coding Dashboard. For instance, the "Building Your First Program" course items within the Unit 1 module are one complete 'arc' within the Dashboard: 

The numbers in the course item name (1-8, 9-13, etc.) correspond to the numbers within the Coding Dashboard, within which each arc is presented as a whole:

Teachers can also find rubrics and teacher solutions within the Coding Dashboard for assistance in evaluating student submissions. For a demonstration, please see the brief video clip located here.

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