Download the Recruiting Plan template as a Word document or as a copy of a Google doc to help you effectively recruit students to your course. Consider these suggestions:


Consider ways that you reach all students or certain student populations in your school with an invitation to take your course. Some ideas you can use are:

  • Advertise! There are so many ways to get the word out about your course. You could post an article or blurb in the school newspaper, e-newsletter, or emails. You could hang flyers or posters around the school. You could even create a news story or commercial to play during your school’s news show.

  • Invite students through classes in other content area courses, such as math, science, or technology classes. You could even do a special cross-curricular lesson or activity to get students excited about doing computer science.

  • Identify and invite students who demonstrate potential for success in computer science, such as students who perform well on standardized tests; take advanced math coursework; succeed in other technology classes; or demonstrate creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in any academic area.

  • Invite students through student groups, clubs, sports, or other electives. You might find that students, especially girls or underrepresented minority students, will be more likely to enroll in your class if their friends are going to take it, too.

  • Team up with the guidance department to ensure that there is diversity in students who are invited and enrolled in the course.


  • Sponsor school-wide computer science activities or events, such as Hour of Code, to build awareness and get students excited about coding. You can do these activities through other classes or in public areas like the cafeteria.

  • Hold a recruitment assembly in which you share about your class and raise awareness about innovations and education in computer science.

  • Host a student showcase in which you feature the amazing work that your students are doing. This can be done during student hours for an audience of students and as an afterschool activity for an additional audience of parents and community members.


  • Inform parents of your school’s computer science offerings through flyers, emails, and/or the school website.

  • Share the benefits of taking computer science classes. Be sure to include information that would appeal to parents of diverse concerns about their students taking CS coursework.

  • Help parents and guidance counselors to understand the connection between computer science and success in academic and careers. For example, you could share this College Board list of computer science-related career areas and college majors.


Don’t underestimate the power of your students’ voices in persuading their peers to take computer science classes. You can get them involved by:

  • Including them in execution of any of the strategies listed above.

  • Having students create recruiting materials - such as posters, videos, or social media posts.

  • Asking your students for their ideas about how to best recruit for your class.

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