If you need your course broken up into more grading periods than is shown by default, Edhesive can set up custom grading periods for you! Follow the steps below to set up this feature.

1. Contact support@edhesive.com to request Custom Grading Periods. 

  • Note: You must include start dates of each grading period for the full year. Please allow up to 2 business days for this to be completed.

2. Once the Grading Periods are created, you must add due dates on your course items (assignments, exams, etc.) in order for the gradebook to place each item into a specific grading period. See the next section below to learn how to add due dates on your assignments.

Assigning Items to Each Grading Period

Each graded course item is automatically added to a grading period based on the due date assigned to that item. Anything without a specified due date will fall into the last grading period of the course by default until a due date is added.


  • Click here to learn the difference between assignment due dates and assignment availability dates.

  • Click here to learn how to assign a due date.

Viewing Grading Periods

You can view both the custom grading periods (quarter, semester, etc.) and the grading for the full year. To switch between these, simply select the desired period from the dropdown menu of the Gradebook as shown below.

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