1. In order to publish a unit, click on the grey crossed-out circle on upper right-hand side of the unit header.
2. Upon pressing, it will only take a few moments for all the subsequent lessons and exercises underneath the unit header to publish. The filled in green circle with a white check mark represents a published unit/lesson/exercise/etc.


To unpublish content, simply need to press the green button on the upper right-hand corner of the unit header. 

  • Note: If you only "publish" individual lessons within a unit without publishing the whole unit, your students will not be able to view the module. Beware of thinking you published content -- you must do it at the unit-level as displayed above.

Existing Submissions

Please note that any individual course item with existing submissions can not be unpublished under any circumstances. If you still want to restrict access to the item, you can adjust access by using the 'Availability Date' feature.

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