Please review the standard enrollment instructions here before reading this article, and note that the PDFs provided in that article have a place to add a suffixed section token.

Teachers can divide their course into multiple class periods or sections of students through the following steps. You may use this option if you are teaching multiple class periods of the same course, or if you want to assign different due dates, exams, etc., to separate groups of students.

  1. Come up with a 2-digit code to differentiate, for example, Period 2 from Period 4. 
  2. When your students enroll using your unique section token, ask them to add the 2-digit code at end of the section token to create a suffixed section token.

Using the example above, if your section token is 3x2y1z, your students should enter their section tokens when enrolling as follows:

Period 2: 3x2y1z-02
Period 4: 3x2y1z-04 

As your students enroll, your gradebook will automatically show the students in their sections as long as they use the suffixed section tokens upon enrolling.

If you see any corrections or edits that need to be made to your sections (such as if students move sections , did not use the suffixed section token, or entered an o  instead of a zero), please contact our support team at to have these changes made.

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