Removing or Dropping Students

You can remove students from your course by navigating to the People page via the link in the left-hand menu.

  1. Once you’re on the People page, you can either scroll through the list or search for specific student names in the search bar at the top.

  2. Upon locating the student you would like to remove, click on the three-dot icon to the right of their name and select “Remove from Course.”

  3. Click “OK” at the top of the page to complete the process.

You can re-add any student that has been removed from the course, restoring their enrollment, progress, and grades. To begin this process, navigate to the People page as above.

  1. Once you’re on the People page, click the three-dot menu in the top right corner.

  2. From the dropdown menu, click “View Prior Enrollments.”

  3. Click on the name of the student you would like to re-enroll to go to their account page.

  4. In their account page, click “more user details,” then click “Restore This Enrollment” to re-enroll the student in your course.

Adding Students

Students may join your course at any point during the school year. In order to add them to your roster, be sure to follow the student enrollment directions found here.

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